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1️⃣ First Time ✍️Writing Own name "Adrian" at 37 months

It is Holiday time, so we are planning to visit Santa to give him our wish-list letters, so Julia has been busy writing her wish-list. And Adrian inspired by Julia decides to write his own letter. I expected scribble-scribble (which he did draw on the bottom:) but then I overheard him enunciating the letters phonetically (by their sound). When I approached, I saw that he wrote his name, all by himself. So, I asked him to do it again, and I got a chance to catch it on a video.



I really did not expect him to start writing so young! He does a lot of tracing (see here), and he can visually follow the template, and  "write" his name using Alphabet Pattern Blocks, as below ...


But writing on his own: it was for the first time! I guess, it is just the right time: a letter to Santa is an important letter after all! 

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🎅🏻Christmas Inspired Candy Cane Pipe Cleaner DIY Craft

I love seeing Adrian's face light up when he sees a new activity set up waiting for him. Today, we are threading Christmas-colored beads on pipe cleaners, making candy canes which can be hanged as ornaments, placed in jars as decorations, or even given as gifts. 

DSC_0096Beads and pipe cleaners at from a local craft store. (Read about this wooden tray set here.)
DSC_0096First, make a knot at the end of a pipe cleaner so that the bead does not fall off once threaded. 

This activity is great for developing fine-motor movements. Threading beads requires coordination of small muscles in hands and fingers, leading to strong fine motor skills, which are essential in completing tasks such as writing, drawing, putting puzzle pieces together, cutting, using a fork or spoon, zipping, buttoning, tying shoelaces and so forth. To succeed in performing many of such critical tasks, a child needs to have well-developed fine motor skills, which are achieved by practice! I try to make such practice diverse, interesting, and capable of sustaining attention. This activity definitely sustained Adrian's attention, and it required his concentration, patience, and precision while developing his memory (he had to remember the pattern after-all).


Adrian just turned three years old, so for him, three-color-pattern was fun and not too overwhelming. He kept going back though and checking if he did it right: "red-white-green" he would repeat ... "red-white-green." This activity is also self-correcting as Adrian noticed few mistakes, and was able to go back and take some beads off a pipe cleaner and start again, concentrating even more.  

DSC_0118"One for Santa, one for me!"

 Adrian made a three-color-pattern, just like a candy cane. DSC_0126

With smaller children, I would suggest doing a simpler pattern, or none at all and just having the child use his/her fine-motor skills learning to thread a single color bead on a pipe cleaner. If the child enjoys, offer a pattern with just two alternating colors (for example red-white, as on the picture above.) For an older child, on the other hand, you might want to create a longer pattern: four + color combinations.

DSC_0123A 🎅🏻 Christmas Inspired Heart!

Happy threading! I have a feeling, we will end up with many candy canes.

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🎄Christmas Tree from Montessori Number Rods & Knobless Cylinders

Adrian works a lot with Montessori Sensorial materials like Number Rods and Knobless Cylinders, but what about, in a spirit of a 🎅 Holiday, building a 🎄Christmas Tree from them?

DSC_0083Adrian first assembled Numbers Rods from ten to one to form a tree.

DSC_0083Adrian then embellished his Tree with knobless cylinders and other decorations.

DSC_0090After a few personal touches, the 🎄Christmas Tree is done!

Buy Numbers Rods (here) and Knobless Cylinders (here). 

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