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Language Objects with 🏷 Matching Cards

Matching Cards are a great activity that can be enjoyed by a toddler as young as one year old, to a child who can read and match the labels, in addition to matching the images. As a parent, I try to anticipate my child's next stage of interest or challenge, prepare the material timely and present it patiently. Sometimes, I am too early, which is perfectly fine by me, but sometimes I am too late. Since each child is developing at his/her own pace, with individualized inclinations and aptitudes, there is just no way of knowing what is "the right time" until you try. My goal is to offer a challenge, try to be one step ahead; always thinking of a new material, new extension, new twist to an activity already on a shelf. Matching Cards is a great activity that can be used in so many different ways.  

Matching Stages for Montessori 3-Part-Cards :

Stage 1: matching identical pictures (can start even before child's first birthday, beginning to introduce three cards at a time, then gradually increasing the number of cards); 

Stage 2: matching similar object to a picture (a little more challenging since the images are similar, but not exact to the model; best introduced around 1 year and older.)

DSC_0647-001Adrian is matching a sheep, and a cow, pig, goat, puppy, and a duck at 15 months.

Stage 3: when the child is familiar with the images, you can show the picture, then an object and ask the toddler to name the object and then match it to the appropriate card;

Stage 4: a non-reading toddler, in addition, can try to visually match the labels. (At two-and-a-half, Adrian is very interested in letters: when we look at pictures in a book, he would trace his finger under the image and over a word and ask me to "read" - he would then repeat the word. So, with Animal Cards, he is starting to match the labels ... just a few: like a "cow" or a "car");

DSC_0514-001Matching a "cow" label to a written word on a card at 2 1/2 years old.

DSC_0161.JPGRead here a post on Adrian matching labels as well as real African animals on a Safari ride. 

Stage 5: a reading toddler - can read and match the labels in addition to images. 

For more on matching cards, see below:

DSC_0019Animal Tracks Matching Game (read a post here).

DSC_0039-2Read here a post about Polar Animals Matching cards at 39 months. 

DSC_0018Read here "Land, Air, Water 🏷 Matching Activity" post.

Stay tuned for more matching activities.

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Ladybug Puzzle

This ladybug puzzle is one of Adrian's favorite puzzles - it is handmade with love from wood and ecological paint. A toddler learns size gradation, counting; and practices fine-motor skills. This puzzle can be introduced as early as at one year; we, however, introduced it at 17 months. At first, it was challenging for little fingers to fit the ladybugs in as they have to be position precisely due to its irregular shape. At 21 months, Adrian mastered the skill: he would insert them carefully tapping so that they fit, and he still enjoys this puzzle at two-and-a-half! 




This puzzle is so beautiful, and I wanted to share it:)


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Easter 🐣 2015 Themed Activities

Today is Easter and Julia (5 1/2 years old) and Adrian (17 months) are eager to do some Easter Themed Activities.

DSC_0382-001MATH - counting (adding) using marbles.

DSC_0392-002MATH - counting a quantity and selecting the correct numeral; sand-tracing.

DSC_0389-001LANGUAGE  - reading and matching words to pictures.

DSC_0391-001LANGUAGE  - reading and writing (tracing over).

DSC_0394-002LANGUAGE - writing; spelling out and finding the 1st letter.

Adrian was observing his sister, and he could not wait to try it himself.

DSC_0410-001 "This is how it works! It is fun!"


DSC_0409-002Picture -to -picture matching.

DSC_0409-002Adrian at 17 months was able to match all the pictures correctly.

SENSORIAL & LANGUAGE - tracing letters using marbles.


Wishing you a bountiful, happy, and healthy year!

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Preparing his own snack at 14 months

Today, Adrian is exactly 14 months old. I have been asking myself: "How young is too young for a child to be involved in the kitchen?" To answer, we have to determine (1) what does the child like, and (2) what is the skill required? Well, Adrian likes bananas, and peeling a piece is a great simple sensorial activity. So, what about making your own snack? 


To facilitate peeling, I have made a small cut through the peel



It is also a great fine-motor exercise, and a good pincer grip practice


An activity that a young child is engaged in is rewarding in itself. When learning how to peel a banana, the joy is in the skin coming off and revealing the banana and the joy of eating the banana. 

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