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👦🏼Adrian's ✍️ Workbooks Round Up (Montessori 🔠 Language & 🔢 Math)

I believe that good habits form good character. So, as part of Adrian's daily routine (he has a schedule, just like Julia), he writes/traces in his workbooks. I would not say that writing is his favorite part of the day (he still likes to play), but it is something he got used to doing, and it is how we start our day. The goal is to keep up child's motivation until the behavior becomes a habit (which could take a couple months). Eventually, the habit becomes automatic (even enjoyable) instead of something you need to force your child to do. To keep up the motivation, I offer Adrian various workbooks and he picks according to the current mood: it can be Numbers tracing, Letters tracing, Logic Thinking Skills Workbook (buy here) or Spatial Reasoning (buy here) and so forth. 

FullSizeRender 3Today, Adrian (46 months) wanted to trace numbers.

I like the way KUMON workbook guides the child from the dot to the star, or if there are more than one lines to draw, the book offers sequentially numbered steps of proper tracing. 

FullSizeRender 4 Buy Numbers workbook that Adrian is writing in here.
FullSizeRender 4
Below, see a link to a video of Adrian writing down solved mathematical equation at 3.5 years old.
DSC_0019See here a video "✍🏻️Writing Down Solved Equation (Montessori 🔢 Math 🎥 Lesson)."

DSC_0001See here a video post "Refining Straight Lines in 🔠 Uppercase Letter-Writing at 39 months," and here where Adrian was tracing in the same workbook, but a month earlier, at 38 months.

Buy KUMON Uppercase letters here and Lowercase letters workbook here ). 

DSC_0014Also, see here a video post "✍️Tracing ABCs 🐋Animal Flash Cards with a💧Water 🖋️ Pen."


Finally, see below the video of Adrian spontaneously beginning to write his name at 37 months! Before that, he was just doodling.

20161207-DSC_0531See a video here "1️⃣ First Time ✍️Writing Own name 'Adrian' at 37 months."


Adrian also loves his BLUE book below (buy here). For girls, there is a similar PINK book (buy here).

DSC_0373.JPGSee here "A ❤️Favorite 📘 BLUE Book at 36 months." 

My Brilliantly Blue Sticker book (buy here) has been Adrian's absolute favorite since he was two years old because of the diversity of subjects (e.g. transportation, dinosaurs, farm animals, solar system etc.,) hands-on application and many-many bright blue stickers!

Does your child have a favorite workbook or book?

Download 👦🏼Adrian's 🗒 weekly schedule here

p.s. You might also want to check out our "🔠 Letter Series (Montessori Language)" posts here which has a lot of links to letter recognition activities we have been doing since Adrian was two years old.