♻️DIY 🍡Pop-Sticks, Pegs & Dot Stickers 🔴 ➕🔵 Addition Activity (Montessori 🔢 Math 🎥 Lesson)

This is a super easy DIY at home math addition activity for your child.

DSC_0013You will need: clothespins (we are using large wooden ones), pop-sticks, a marker & dot-stickers. 

DSC_0043First, I wrote a simple equation in a numerical format on a pop-stick. DSC_0043Control-of-error: a child flips that same pop-stick to confirm an answer by counting dot-stickers. 

DSC_0013I wrote six simple equations with matching answers on clothespins.


All equations are faced up and the child chooses each equation to solve one by one and matches the correct answer written on a clothespin. (💡TIP: I primed parts of pop-stick with a thin coat of clear nail-polish, so that the marker would not "run" when I write numbers on it.)

 Besides learning basic addition, while reinforcing number recognition, a child is also exercising fine-motor skills by having to match the clothespin with the correct answer to the corresponding pop-stick equation.


For more on addition work, see a 🎥video-post here "Montessori Math Simple ➕ Addition using Marble-Counters" which also has an intro to What is Montessori Math?

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🌸Spring Flower ♻️Recycled ✂️Craft

Happy first day of 🌸Spring! Are you not sure what to do with all those scraps of paper you have left over from various craft projects? Well, now, you can make a beautiful flower recycled DIY craft, which is also an amazing fine motor exercise. 

DSC_0049Gather the leftover cardstock strips.

DSC_0034Fold the green cardstock to make a stem.

DSC_0027Trace an oval on pink cardstock.

DSC_0034Cut thin strips from the same color cardstock.

DSC_0034Offer your child to glue the ends, making a roll. 

DSC_0034Glue the rolls to the oval cardstock.

DSC_0034Now, to make a leaf, fold the green cardstock and trace a semi-oval.

DSC_0034Glue one end of the leaf to the stem. 

DSC_0034Make another leaf and glue to the other side. 

DSC_0038 To add some glamor, we will be adding glitter to our flower.  

DSC_0041-2Using a clear glue-stick, apply a thin layer and sprinkle some glitter.

DSC_0049-3Happy March 20th! Happy 1st Day of 🌸Spring! 

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