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Today, we are exploring letter P. So, during our letter hunt, Adrian would walk around the house and collect all the objects that begin with the sound "p". DSC_0050

P is for popcorn, plate, plus (sing), pop/soda can, Pocahontas, princesses, pumpkin, puzzle, picture, pond, park, piano, pregnant, penny, pencil, pen, pig, parrot, pit, pin, puppy, pees, potato,  Pluto dog (Mickey's friend), pink, purple and a peg, puppet. And "p" is for a puffin, polar bear, panda, and a penguin. 


"P" is also for pom-poms and pincer grip. So, we made this DIY letter P from bottle caps (simply glue caps with a glue gun to the piece of recycled card box). I then offered Adrian to fill each cap with different color pom poms using tongs while remembering the proper tracing direction. 

Read our Letter Series post here, where you will also find an introduction to Montessori Language curriculum, as well as other letters we have been exploring.

"P" is for a pin, pin poking and pincer grip

DSC_0226"P" is for play dough

DSC_0226We used these botanical paints to color our play dough, and we also added turmeric spice to our yellow batch and cinnamon and chocolate to our brown batch.

DSC_0226 We are using these wooden dough tools

DSC_0231We used the brown dough to make a nest ~ see here Invitation To 🌾🌿 Create a Nest • 🐦Bird Unit Study.

See here the recipe for our No-Cook Homemade 🌈 Play Dough. For more play dough, see here  🎄Holiday Inspired No-Cook 🏡Homemade 🍩Play Dough.

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3D Napkin 💠Flower✂️Craft • 👔Father's Day 🎉Card • 🎨Arts &  Crafts 101 🎥 Series

Happy Father's Day to all Dads near and far! And why not show our love with a hand-made card!


 So, we are sharing this super easy napkin craft DIY, which will make a perfect last minute card! (Birthday and Mother's Day card too!)

DSC_0459What you will need:

DSC_0502Offer a child to staple a napkin, making a plus sign, and then cut around in a circle shape.

This craft, besides providing your child an opportunity to express creativity, is also an amazing gross and fine motor activity! Precision, hand-eye coordination, and artistic expression all come to play during this kids art and craft activity! 

DSC_0502Happy Father's Day!

For more Father's Day ideas, see here 3D 💠Flower Craft • 👱Father's Day 🎉Card • 🎨Watercolor🖌Painting • Arts ✂️Crafts 101 🎥 Series.

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